Self Defence

Female only courses available. Specially designed course for both the disabled & elderly.

Corporate Courses

Conflict & stress management.
Verbal & physical attack.
Stress reduction.

Wellbeing & Relaxation

Stress management.
Relaxation techniques.
Confidence building.
Reconnect with the inner you.

Schools Courses

Address disruptive behaviour.
Improve discipline & concentration.
Builds self confidence & teamwork.



"Do not look upon this world with fear
and loathing. Bravely face
whatever the gods offer."
-Morihei Ueshiba (O Sensei)

Mugging Avoidance


Travel in company if possible, plan your route so as to avoid dark streets or places where you could be ambushed. Pay attention to your surroundings, potential hiding places and escape routes.

Do not carry items of value that you do not need, only carry the essential.

Do not wear expensive items of jewellery if you are out on the street, you are just inviting trouble.


Most people who face a mugger are concerned with the property they may lose. A mobile phone and credit cards are easily replaced, a life is lost forever and is worth far more than any posession.


The Natural response for a women whose bag is being snatched will to pull back on the bag pulling the attacker towards them.
Do not struggle
- just let them have it.


When faced with a mugger, give him what he wants and in most cases he will leave.

Muggers use the threat of violence to instil fear in their victims, a physical attack is rare.


Our training courses will help you gain the confidence required to deal effectively with confrontation in a calm and positive way without fear.



Self Defence & The Law


"English law provides for the right of people to act in a manner that would be otherwise unlawful in order to preserve the physical integrity of themselves or others or to prevent any crime."


"Criminal law act (1967) if such a defence is proved to the satisfaction of the court then the person is fully acquitted of the charges against them."


"The act of protection must fulfil a number of conditions in order to be lawful. The defendant must believe, rightly or wrongly, that the attack is imminent. While a pre-emptive blow is lawful the time factor is also important, if there is an opportunity to retreat or to obtain protection from the police the defendant should do so – demonstrating an intention to avoid violence. However the defendant is not obliged to leave a particular location even if forewarned of the arrival of an assailant."


"The other key factor is reasonableness – the defendants response must be necessary and in proportion to the nature of the attack. The harm inflicted on the assailant must not exceed the harm being avoided by the defendant. However like immanency the nature of the defence rests on the defendants belief, whether their actions were in proportion to the circumstances they believed existed."


"It has been argued, with some force, that the above qualifications contain a gender - bias. If the attacked party is considerably weaker than the assailant then to offer an immediate response would be effective in only encouraging greater harm to be inflicted upon the defendant. While if the defendant waits and strikes back later then self defence cannot be applied under current law. Certain groups propose a self preservation defence."