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"The heart of a human being is no
different from the soul of heaven
and earth. In your practice always
keep in your thoughts the
interaction of heaven and earth,
water and fire, yin and yang."
-Morihei Ueshiba (O Sensei)

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body


It has often been said, but how many people realise the truth of that statement? The state of a persons mind can directly influence their personal well being.


How can self defence lead to a better understanding and control of mental well being? Perhaps a short story can show the link between these two seemingly disparate subjects.


How the mind can influence the body

A master of Aikido (a Japanese martial art) called Morihei Ueshiba was teaching a class of doctors when he made the comment


"I have the ability to change my heart rate with just a thought".


The doctors were disbelieving, saying "it is not possible for someone to change their heart rate just by thinking about it".


One of the doctors used a stethoscope to monitor Morihei's heart while he demonstrated by first slowing and then speeding up his heart rate.

The doctors were amazed by this and some thought it was a trick, to which Morihei replied "it is no trick, anyone can learn to do this. the mind only needs to be trained".


Through his learning and expertise in Aikido Morihei managed to achieve what was thought impossible self control.


Mastering the tools

Our minds are a tool. It is the first tool that we must learn to use as babies. But every tool can not only be learned, it can also be mastered. Put a sharp knife in the hands of a baby and they will surely cut themselves. We need to train the mind to be strong, to resist the negative forces around us.


When you come across a friend who has a cold, you say to yourself "I hope I don't catch that cold", but you usually end up with the cold anyway.
Conversely, if you say to yourself "I will not catch that cold", you have changed what was a negative thought into a positive one.


I hear you all saying "that is too simple", but it is that simple, just to approach life in a more positive way will have a profound affect on your life and the lives of those around you.


The power of positive thought

There was case recently documented in America. A little boy was diagnosed with inoperable cancer, and his parents were told that there was no treatment and that they should be prepared for the worst. The parents had heard of positive thought therapy and arranged for a therapist to spend some time with the little boy.


The therapist learned that the little boy loved science fiction stories so he asked the boy to imagine the cancer was a space monster, and that the antibodies in his blood were his own good spaceships searching for and destroying the monster wherever they found it. The boy was asked to spend a little time each day imagining a terrific space battle was being fought inside his body and that the goodies always won.

His cancer is now in remission and his doctors are amazed at his recovery.


The power of the mind to heal is not some mystical force but a very powerful tool that we can all learn to use to help ourselves and others. We train our bodies for months before we run a marathon, we also need to train our minds to handle everything that life throws at us.


Harmony Health

Our training courses are structured to teach a positive attitude to our students. A strong mind can overcome any hurdle. the techniques we teach are simple and do not require any special skills, they only need to be practised.