Self Defence

Female only courses available. Specially designed course for both the disabled & elderly.

Corporate Courses

Conflict & stress management.
Verbal & physical attack.
Stress reduction.

Wellbeing & Relaxation

Stress management.
Relaxation techniques.
Confidence building.
Reconnect with the inner you.

Schools Courses

Addresses disruptive behaviour.
Improves discipline & concentration.
Builds self confidence & teamwork.



"Always keep your mind as bright and
clear as the vast sky, the great ocean,
and the highest peak, empty of all
thoughts. Always keep your body
filled with light and heat.
Fill yourself with the power of
wisdom and enlightenment."
-Morihei Ueshiba (O Sensei)

Corporate Courses


If your work involves dealing with the public then you are at risk of conflict that could escalate into physical violence.

EU legislation requires companies to train staff in conflict management strategies and, where appropriate, actual self-defence.


Employees; learn how to:

  • Deal with verbal and physical attack
  • De-escalate and avoid conflict
  • Remain calm and in control
  • Gain stress resolving skills
  • Build self confidence & teamwork.
  • Build positive attitudes.

Employers; reap the benefits of having employees that are:

  • More productive Staff
  • Happier and more relaxed with customers
  • Less prone to stress and thus take fewer sick days
  • Have more confidence within their team which promotes a better work environment.

Fact: Stress is the leading cause of illness and disease. It can damage your health and lead to an impaired lifestyle (heart disease, strokes etc) or even premature death.


Please contact us to discuss your requirement & arrange a course for your company.


Self Defence


Ladies Self Defence

We run ladies only courses a few times a year please contact us for more information

Whether it's for peace of mind, a more active lifestyle, improved fitness levels or just to meet new people and make new friends; our personal self defence courses have something for everyone.


We can cater for all ages and all abilities, including courses for the disabled and senior citizens.


You will learn Aikido, a relatively modern Martial Art, that not only teaches you how to defend yourself but to do it in a manner that is ethical, moral and legal.


Defend yourself and your loved ones today, contact us to join one of our many Aikido classes, or contact us to arrange a course for your group.


Women's Self Defence Course - Swansea Universtity

The following are some of the many comments we received from the students attending our Women's Self Defence course held twice at Swansea University.

"I believe I would be a lot more confident if I was ever in a vulnerable position." - Paula Clarke
"I feel more able to deal with violent situations." - Ceri Mitchell
"Ideal for anyone. Great experience an eye opener" - Nia Thomas
"Knowing that it isn't only strength that matters. You can use someone's own strength against themselves... The instructors were brill! If I didn't quite know what to do they would be straight there to help...An ideal course for anyone" - Liann Wood
"I now feel that I could do something and not be parents are happy we were offered this course." - Kathryn Griffiths

Bring peace of mind to yourself and your loved ones, learn to defend yourself; register for one of our courses today.

"A must for all women" - Christine Pennicott
"It was a very interesting, helpful course. It boosts your confidence and is also a very good work out. Made me want to learn more about Aikido." - Athanasia Tziola
"Would definately reccommend this course to friends. Thank you." - Angela Pamarski
"I didn't know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised how much I got into it...I feel more confident walking to and from lectures. Thank you very much!" - Katy Frost
"It helped me to build my confidence in defending myself." - Rachael Fairhurst

Our courses are tailored to suit individuals and their needs. Contact us for more information.

"I learnt alot and have much more confidence now with things I would never had confidence with before... Brill. The knife defence exercise was useful as it was something I wasn't able to handle before, I would have panicked! I would come again and I have already told people they should come with me! I have been taught not only physically but mentally which is obviously extremely important. Had alot of fun, which I haven't had before when learning something so serious! Cheers guys!" - Emma Payne
"It is so important to learn these things and it was fun too! Thank you so much for your time and effort you were great people to learn from." - Debbie Burwell



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