The art of Aikido, as envisaged by its founder Morihei Ueshiba, is to produce well-balanced and positive human beings who are able to contribute to their society in general.

It is a martial art which is not about hurting others but about helping oneself.

The philosophy behind it is one of conquering the fear within us all and helping us to realize our full potential as confident human beings.

When practicing we all must develop a strong positive attitude or we will be overwhelmed by the attack, the technique will not work and we will perish.

You cannot practice Aikido with a negative or angry attitude. Aikido develops a calm, relaxed and centered mind not easily distracted or manipulated.

Aikido Benefits

The system of Aikido does not use competition, violence, humility, coercion or any other demeaning ways of delivery. It is very much based on the individual finding his/her way into the understanding of what is required by society under supervision.

It provides grounding and self-confidence for people with low esteem and removal of fear for those who express fear through bullying and intimidation.

With enough exposure it can help individuals grow strong minds and create a structure to cope with the daily stress and challenges that life can throw at them.

  • Improved co-ordination, reflexes & overall fitness.
  • Increased self confidence
  • Develop a calm, relaxed, positive and centered mind.

Aikido for the Youth

When taught as part of an overall structure of education and growth, Aikido provides excellent results and is able to mesh with all forms of education in multiple environments.

Aikido provides firm ethical and educational structuring and is useful to individuals who find difficulty in accessing the learning mechanism.

Aikido can have an excellent calming effect on people who have anti-social behavior or anger management problems, by helping them to focus their minds in a positive way and giving them back some sense of self worth.

People who have been bullied or who are fearful learn quite quickly to deal with their fear and relax.

They become more self-confident and better able to cope with stressful and violent situations.

Educational environments have a small percentage of pupils who find it difficult to fit in with the main stream. These pupils become excluded and eventually are lost to the educational structure and in many cases to society as a whole.

Using Aikido to help these pupils utilize the tools on offer in the stream of education and society has been proven to be achievable and effective. Please see our dedicated schools page for more info...

Aikido - Origins

Aikido is practiced not to hurt but to help people become better human beings.

Gwyn Jones Shin Gi Tai Aikido SocietyAikido is a Japanese martial art founded by Morihei Ueshiba, referred to as O-Sensei (Great Teacher).
As a young man, Morihei studied many martial arts and developed his own style from all of these different arts.

O-Sensei was, and still is considered by many to be one of the greatest martial artists and a grand visionary whose search for true warrior ship led to the creation of Aikido - the art of peace - a progressive and enlightened discipline practiced all over the world.

"The secret of Aikido is not in how you move your feet, it is how you move your mind, I am not teaching you martial techniques, I am teaching you non-violence." -Morihei Ueshiba (O Sensei)

Harmony's Beginnings

Harmony Aikido Harmony Aikido Society started back in 1991 in Trimsaran, Wales, when Brian Hancock was finally persuaded by his own teacher, Shihan Gwyn Jones of Shin Gi Tai Aikido Society, to start his own club.

Harmony Aikido now has three dojos and is growing every day but our roots are still firmly with Shin Gi Tai Aikido Society and the teachings of Shihan Jones.